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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Oxygen Bleach clean grout?

Oxygen bleach cleans grout by attacking the dirt and stain molecules. When the powdered oxygen bleach is added to warm water, it produces millions of invisible oxygen ions that act exactly like miniature missles. The ions attack the stain moecules and break them in two or three parts. Once the stain molecule is broken, it is no longer a stain and it loses its color. CLICK HERE to order now!

Is Stain Solver a type of Oxygen Bleach?

Yes. In fact, it is one of the most powerful ones available to consumers. All ingredients in Stain Solver are made in the USA. Many highly-advertised brands of oxygen bleach sold on televison, discount stores, membership clubs and in grocery stores contain ingedients made overseas. Furthermore, many of these same brands have vast amounts of filler in them. Stain Solver has the highest amount of active ingredient as allowed by law. CLICK HERE to order now!

Is Stain Solver toxic?

Absolutely not! Stain Solver is a dried form of hydrogen peroxide and soda ash. When Stain Solver is mixed with water it produces: more water, oxygen and soda ash. In fact, if you allow the solution to dry, you are left with a small amount of white powder which is the non-toxic soda ash component. CLICK HERE to order now!

How long does it take to clean grout?

It depends upon the type of stain and whether it is floor grout or wall grout. Floor grout is the easiest to clean. In many instances, once the Oxygen Bleach solution is poured onto the floor and spread with a simple mop, it may only take 5 or 10 minutes to work. Stubborn stains may require additional applications of the solution. The longer the solution sits on the grout, the better it works. CLICK HERE to order now!

Will Stain Solver harm tinted or colored grout?

No. It is safe to use Stain solver on any grout. CLICK HERE to order now!